FWBF19 Authors

Author Interview Series

This Q&A series will feature authors exhibiting at the 2019 BookFest.  Selected Authors will share their favorite books; reflect on who turned them into readers, and what book keeps them up reading at night and other insight.  Visit with all our authors Saturday, October 12, in either the Adult/Young Adult or Juvenile/Early Reader section. Click on any name below to read the complete interview with …

Misty Hayes, Young Adult Fantasy Fiction

E. R. Bills, Adult Historical Fiction/Non-Fiction

Belinda Mays, Early Reader

Alvin J. Walters, Adult Fiction

J. L. Novinsky, Early Reader/ Juvenile

Dianne Smithwick-Braden, Adult Fiction

Michael Scott Clifton, Adult/Young Adult fiction

Michele Packard, Adult, Fiction, Action-Adventure/Mystery

Lauren Jackson, Adult, Biography/AutoBiography

Thadeus Parkland, Adult Fiction, Abuse & Healing

Dana Wayne, Adult Fiction, Romance

T. N. Lowe, Adult Fiction, Romance, Thriller, Suspense

Shanna Sarsin, Adult Fiction

Barry Rodges, Early Reader/Juvenile Educational

Dr. Jatun Dorsey, Adult, Self-Help/Inspirational

Maz Maddox, Adult Fiction/Action Adventure-Romance

Kayla Reed, Adult/Young Adult, NF, Biography

Soneakqua White, Adult, Young Adult, Fiction, Self-Help

Pamela Taylor, Adult, Historical Fiction

Sean Wright Neeley, Adult/Young Adult/Juvenile Fiction – Mystery/Romance

Alan Livingston, Adult Fic & NonFic – Memoir/Spiritual Fantasy/Historical Fiction

Victor Jones, Adult, Non-Fic/Memoir

Jim Beegle, Adult, Fiction/Mystery

Tamara Newborn, Adult/Young Adult/Non-Fic, Family & Relationships/Christian

Marcia Gray, Juvenile/Fiction/Christian

Sean Fletcher, Juvenile Fiction, Fantasy

Earnestine Rose, Adult, Non-Fiction, Self-Help/Spiritual/ Memoir

Jennifer Jones, Adult, Bio/Auto-Bio/Memoir

Jane A. Harris, Young Adult/Juvenile, Mythology/Fantasy

Earnestine Rose, Adult, Non-Fiction/Memoir

Jennifer Jones, Adult/Young Adult, Non-Fiction, Self-Help/Spiritual

Cherlyn Jernigan, Early Reader, Adventure

Derey Alston, Adult, Fiction/Urban – Success & Business

Rebecca Lovell, Adult/Fiction, Romance